The key to effective design of new anticancer drugs is the ability to target specific biomolecules by carefully engineering the 3-D shape of new drug molecule to reach the optimal docking between a drug and target-enzyme.  Currently chemists and biochemists can  ‘tune’ this energetic interaction purely with the aid of visual software.  The process is imperfect,  slow and often misses some of the principal electronic interactions. However, recent research shows that auditory display – displaying data as sound – has potential alongside visual representations to improve the efficiency and speed of this aspect of drug design.

We’ve built  a Sonicules computer game that allows the public to engage with the drug design process.  It allows people of all ages to understand more about the complexities of designing new drugs and how researchers are using 3-D sound to aid chemical engineers meet these challenges.

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  1. I came to your interesting presentation last night. I have tried your tinyurl link and get a message that I need permission.

    I was fascinated by the concept, but only had a brief go, which I screwed up. Is it possible to try the game on line to see if it’s possible to get better?


  2. Hi,

    I’ve reset the tinyurl feedback form now so that you should be able to access it. please could you try again, and just let me know if it doesn’t work.

    I’m glad you were intrigued by the software and that you’re keen to play again. At the moment we do not have a web version available – but it is certainly something for future work we plan to do. In the meantime we are bringing the game to a few more events in York (such as the AHRC commons on 21st June) – so please do keep an eye on our website for event details and/or follow us on twitter.
    Many thanks for your comments and interest. — Jude


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