Future plans : game play data analysis 

We’ve collected game play data from over 100 people who played the sonicules game. The summer of 2016 will see us analysing this data. We want to know more about how people played the game, how the sound world we created helped them to get close to the molecule docking solution. We’d also like to know which game play technique git players to the solution quickly and efficiently.

We’ll be working with colleagues in the Department of Computer Science here at the University of York to start to answer some of these questions.

The three columns represent 3 successive plays; top row shows rotational accuracy of the drug molecule (with the correct solution at the top of the graph) and the lower row shows accuracy on terms of location of the drug molecule (again the correct position is at the top of the graph). With some practice this player got really good at the game – on the third play reaching a very accurate solution in just over 40 seconds!

Understanding how the game is played will inform the next iteration of our drug design software incorporating spatial auditory display.