A summer of Sonicules

It’s nearly a month now since we first presented SONICULES at the York Festival of Ideas. It was fantastic to meet so many different people and share with them the exciting interdisciplinary research we are undertaking at the University of York in the Department of Electronics and Department of Chemistry.



The interactive audio-visual performance piece created by Radek Rudnicki and Jakub Hader was a fantastic event, combining audio-reactive visuals and live analogue synthesis – footage of part of the performance (if you missed it) can be seen on our video page.

20160611_120004The whole SONICULES team were busy during a weekend of Festival of Ideas events and enjoyed sharing our research vision with visitors young and old alike.  Around 1000 people visited the C2D2 events

and we collected game play data from over 90 people who played the game.  Analysing this data will help us to improve the spatial auditory display system that we are developing to aid the drug design process.

We’ve got some more public engagement events planned for the future, so if you missed us in June 2016 make sure you follow this blog, or our twitter feed @sonicules_sound .  We hope to share our Sonicules research vision with many more people over the coming months and years.