A Weekend at York Festival of Ideas

This weekend, we presented the Sonicules project at two events for York Festival of Ideas(FOI). We have 88 game plays recorded on our leaderboard and had countless conversations about the drug design process and how sound could help. The weekend culminated in a fantastic audio-visual extravaganza from Jakub and Radek which blew us all away!

Saturday – C2D2 Festival of Ideas Exposition

The event on Saturday was part of a fascinating showcase of  projects funded by the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) including Sonicules. This was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our new drug-design game.

We set up two machines and invited festival-goers to try their hand at designing drugs with sound! We were amazed at the response as around 60 people played through the game, every one finding it absorbing and engaging. There was a wide range of participants from chemistry professors to young children, all of whom trying their hardest to make it onto the top 5 scores list!

For each participant that agreed, we were able to collect data on every interaction they made with the system. This will prove exceedingly useful for analysing how the sound affected how people approached the puzzles.

Sunday – Audio Visual Performance for FOI

We were blessed to be able to use the Rymer Auditorium at the University of York’s music department. Jakub and Radek put together an incredible performance inspired by the drug design process. The performance was stunning from start to finish, and there were excellent comments from the audience during the Q&A questions afterwards.

Before and after the concert, the Sonicules games were set up for the attendees to try. Similarly to Saturday we had a wealth of positive feedback from users and another load of scores for the leaderboard!

The weekend truly showed how powerful and effective the enhancement that auditory display can lend to the three-dimensional puzzle solving required in the drug design process.

Now we’re preparing and looking forward to the AHRC Common Ground event on Tuesday!


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